Conditioning for the Aging

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It is a shock to most individuals when they learn and recognize that their bodies are aging. Research tells us that after the age 30, the functional decline for both men and women is one percent per year. Simply stated, as we age, our strength, balance, coordination, agility, and especially our flexibility slowly decrease. As we age, when we should be attempting to be more active, we do just the opposite, we become less active. The progression of this problem becomes so devastating to many of us that we have to give up many of our favorite recreational and social activities. This coupled with no change in out dietary habits then leads to increased body weight, continued decreased activity and so on (i.e., deconditioning).

The answer to this problem does not focus around a fountain of youth, but rather, the answer is EXERCISE and INCREASED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. By exercising, it has been reported that we can reduce the normal “effects of aging” by at least 50%. More importantly, exercise and increased physical activity increases endurance, stimulates proprioception (position sense) and increases our strength, all of which then improves our balance and coordination.

If you are someone who is in need of rejuvenation and you feel that exercise could help you to improve your quality of life, then please let our expert staff be of service to you. At Close Physical Therapy, one of our knowledgeable and skilled physical therapists will evaluate your posture, gait, strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and endurance. We will then outline a plan of care specifically for you to meet your needs of improved health and independence. Along with this, we will teach you a home program, which you can perform at home and assist you with the establishment of an exercise program at your health club/facility.