Neurological Rehabilitation

Persons who have suffered from a neurological deficit as a result of trauma, strokes, neuropathies, etc., know one thing to be true, life after death is much more fulfilling when one has the ability to perform at ones highest level of function. With this in mind, the staff at Close Physical Therapy are skilled and experienced in developing a custom rehabilitation program for each patient with a neurological deficit that will encourage the integration of strength, motor control, balance, agility, mobility, gait, and coordination activities.

At Close Physical Therapy, our neurological rehabilitation plan of care will include:

  • Accurate and complete assessment of the patient’s current level of function and dysfunction.
  • The establishment of realistic and functional short-term and long-term goals to help maximize the patients rehabilitation potential.
  • The involvement of other rehabilitative services (i.e., occupational therapy, vocational therapy and counseling, speech therapy, etc.), as needed.
  • Prevention of correction of soft tissue and/or joint dysfunction.
  • Re-education of partially paralyzed musculature.
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques to improve sensory and motor function.
  • Reduction of muscular, soft-tissue and joint pain.
  • Relaxation and energy saving techniques.
  • Gait training.
  • General fitness and conditioning exercises, strength training, mobility and transfer training and functional training for return to work and recreational activity.