Pediatric Physical Therapy

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What Is Pediatric Physical Therapy?
Pediatric physical therapy is helping children reach their maximum potential for functional independence. During your child’s initial evaluation, the physical therapists will create an individualized plan of care to promote independence, increase participation, motor development and function and improve strength. Pediatric physical therapists promote participation in children of their daily activities in their home, school and community.

Pediatric physical therapy includes but is not limited to:

  • Developmental Activities
  • Strengthening
  • Movement and Mobility
  • Tone Management
  • Motor Learning
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Recreation, Play and Leisure
  • Adaptation of Daily Care Activities and Routines

What Role Does the Family Play?
Parents and families have the primary role in their child’s development. The physical therapist will develop a home exercise program and will communicate with the family on how to implement the individualized program.

The physical therapist will help the family understand techniques to improve your child’s functional independence through:

    • Positioning during daily routines and activities.
    • Adapting toys for play.
    • Expanding mobility options.
  • Using equipment effectively.
  • Teaching safety for the home and community.
  • Providing information on the child’s physical and health care needs.
  • Easing transitions from early childhood to school and into adult life.

How Can You Start Your Child in a Pediatric Physical Therapy Program?
During your first appointment, we will complete an initial evaluation to identify the child’s needs. This evaluation will include, but is not limited, to muscle and joint function, mobility, strength and endurance, cardiopulmonary status, posture and balance, oral motor skills and feeding, sensory and neuromotor development, and use of assistive technology. During the initial evaluation we will discuss how to include physical therapy in the child’s natural learning environments, including your home, childcare centers, preschools, schools, job sites and other activities throughout the community.