Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation

The vestibular system plays a major role in helping us with our balance and posture. This system is located in the inner ear and, in association with other body systems such as vision and joint sensors, functions as a highly integrated system with both sensory and motor components. It provides our nervous system with constant information about our head and body orientation to the vertical plane. It also functions to control the position of our body’s center of mass and stabilizes the head during postural movements. This system thereby functions to create a picture of our nervous system about the positions and movement of the entire body in correlation with its surrounding environment. The motor component then sends information to our muscles where corrections are made as needed in order for us to maintain a correct posture.

Close Physical Therapy | Vestibular | Balance Rehabilitation | Las Vegas NV

When the vestibular system is damaged from trauma, tumors or normal aging, our balance, postural control, coordination and gait can be adversely affected. Over the last 20 years, physical therapists have taken an active role in the research and treatment of this dysfunction. As a result, a specialized evaluation and treatment techniques have led to the significant improvement of patients with balance and coordination disorders. At Close Physical Therapy, our therapists have the specialized experience, skill and knowledge to provide a complete and thorough evaluation of vestibular and balance deficits and to also provide the necessary treatment, which will help to treat this condition. If you suffer from this condition, call for an appointment today before your impaired balance causes you to seriously injure yourself as a result of a fall or accident.